Hey there, recently I have been writing my own achievement system for **fatman**. I ended up with something I didnt want to lock away and thus, I decided to share it: #FlxAchievementSystem {more} The **FlxAchievementSystem** is a lightweight plugin for flixel that ships with 2 other classes, **FlxAchievement** and **FlxAchievementNotifier**. The first one keeps track of individual achievement info, the second one is a visual pop-up for when you unlock an achievement. I have wrapped up a first stable release and put it on a [github](https://github.com/Tal3D/FlxAchievementSystem) repo (its open source!). Click the logo to check it out.


Current features include: saving/loading, erasing progress and unlocking. *Note: its written in Actionscript 3*