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we are Chameneon, a team of two brothers creating games and other media.
by Tal on Apr 8th 2014 —
Hey there, recently I have been writing my own achievement system for **fatman**. I ended up with something I didnīt want to lock away and thus, I decided to share it: #FlxAchievementSystem [Read more...](/posts/22)
by Tal on Mar 15th 2014 —
Great news. Our debut game "Fatman" will be updated (maybe not so) soon. Among the changes will be new graphics and also a whole new gamemode! [Read more...](/posts/18)
by Tal on Feb 14th 2014 —
Test. Awesome, now all thats left is some content to fill this blog up with. For the time being, check out the [modcomp](/modcomp). Also try out [fatman](/GFS/fatman.swf).
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